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Domaine Boingnères, Armagnac, Two Cask Blend

Domaine Boingnères, Armagnac, Two Cask Blend

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Domaine Boingneres may be our favorite spirits producer in the world. In Armagnac where most producers share a community still and work with old, even failing barrels, Martine Lafitte is a vigilant grower-producer, aging every distillation in New Oak after producing the eau de vie in her own gleaming copper still, and always bottling at cask strength. Her standards are no surprise when you consider her lineage; she produces with the gravitas of her ancestors who made a name for the family in Bordeaux. We’ve been visiting Martine for 15 years with our favorite importer, Charles Neal, acting as broker and have been painfully aware she has never allowed a retailer to hand pick a cask bottling before. We never dreamed of broaching the topic but a few years ago, in preparation for this project, I asked Charles if he would advocate for us.  Advocate he did, culminating in a heated, half-hour argument in front of the chai at Boingneres that left me relieved I don’t speak French.  Martine relented and Charles and I spent that afternoon tasting barrels, ultimately deciding on this revelatory combination of two 2007 vintage barrels.

ABV 49%

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